Hakomi – Revealing Our Body’s Wisdom

Hakomi – Revealing Our Body’s Wisdom
by Brenda Jacobsen

It takes courage to sit silently with oneself without distractions – to turn down the incessant mind chatter and explore deeply inward on the uncharted journey of the human spirit.

This realization came after my Hakomi session, when I uncovered that our bodies are much more complex and intuitive than we give them credit for. By relaxing in the session and directing my awareness inward, my body revealed that it has an internal guidance system and resources to share, if I will only acknowledge what it has to say.

Like many people in Western society, my intellect is my predominant inner voice, but I was repressing some emotions, and in a way, not authenticating myself. By doing this, I created a lot of stuck energy in my body’s pathways and was actually blocking the very life force or ‘chi energy’ that keeps us alive and well.

Founder of Autumn Moon Hakomi Centre, Chew-Nyet Lee explained that we can’t underestimate the power of human emotions. “We are born into bodies made up of billions of cells, each cell following a particular pattern of genetic expression determined by our DNA. Hakomi allows you to experience this deeper mystery that your body is trying to unfold. Wisdom is the gift we receive when we uncover the truth about our own personal evolutionary story.”

During my Hakomi session, as I focused on my body’s sensations and emotions, I learned that I hadn’t given my feelings adequate air time. As a result, I was as emotionally tied to my past as an umbilical cord between mother and child. This explained why I continued to replay previous situations in my life. I now see these coincidences as opportunities to validate emotions and free the energy blocks that were zapping me of my vitality.

I believe that using Hakomi as a healing and self-discovery tool, we can overcome the disconnection between body, mind and feelings, reaping many psychological and physical benefits. By creating an inner space to have a dialogue with our bodies, we can gain important clues to our health and emotional well-being.

We can choose to stifle our internal messaging system by numbing our senses with everything from food to overwork, or we can instead have the courage to befriend the body and learn its secrets.

Chew-Nyet emphasized that one of the greatest rewards of Hakomi, a personalized assisted self-study, is the release of persistent painful emotions and unnecessary suffering. “Hakomi allows you to gain a much deeper understanding of yourself. You will feel more freedom to choose what you’ll be able to feel and can engage in fuller, richer, more rewarding relationships.”

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