Client Testimonial (Dr. Devon Christie)

I’m Dr. Devon Christie, a medical doctor with specialty in functional and integrative medicine. If you want to know more about my specialty, google: “Dr. Oz functional medicine detectives“, as my specialty was recently featured on his show.

In my work I use the symbol of the medicine wheel.
(hold up example of a medicine wheel – it is a circle divided into 4 quadrants, and starting clockwise the words are written “PHYSICAL“, “MENTAL“, “EMOTIONAL” and “SPIRITUAL” in each of the quadrants).

Most cultures in human history has some version of this wheel to represent health, which is a state of wholeness and positive vitality.

Modern medicine does a good job addressing the physical aspect of health, but you can see that that is only one quarter of the whole picture. These other 3 parts, mental, emotional and spiritual, are just as important and actually interact in a real way with physical health.

My colleague Chew Nyet Lee is a Hakomi therapist.

Hakomi is a healing practice that helps us to work with the other 3/4 of the medicine wheel. Sometimes we are not aware that there are problems in these areas, and because of this we get stuck and wonder why the physical treatments don’t work completely.

Thank goodness our bodies are so smart and they give us clues like headaches or muscle pain in a certain area. By exploring these symptoms with Hakomi, we can uncover their messages that link to the other parts of the medicine wheel and then we can release them completely to discover the freedom of healing in its complete sense (point to medicine wheel in a circular motion emphasizing all the quadrants together).

I had a session with Chew-Nyet after developing sudden severe pain in my right shoulder blade. I have had this type of pain before in my life on several occasions, and I usually went for massage or took some pain pills and it would slowly go away. In my hakomi session with Chew Nyet, she helped guide me to my own insight about the message my body was giving me. The pain eased away and I haven’t had any similar pain since then.

The future of medicine and the key to discovering our true potential is to acknowledge the wisdom of our ancestors and return to a system that integrates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of our health. Hakomi is a powerful tool that gives breakthrough results for your health and your life!


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