Client Testimonial (Dagmara)

Dear lady Chew-Nyet,

First of all I am so grateful to you and your work and I write from this place of gratitude now. I wish you the utmost success in your healing and empowering other people through Hakomi. I am so glad that main stream health is getting on board with deemed non-conventional healing practices.
The major way that I see the sessions have helped me is that I am calmer, more confident and more understanding of myself and therefore others. It is as if there is more room in me to accept whatever is happening in front of me and not to react, but to create in response. The way that this has impacted my life is in my close relationships, in my relationship to myself. Close friends and family have noticed a big difference. I hear them say, ” Wow you are so calm Dagmara.” -My cousin
“You have really grown” – My boyfriend.
“You changed, I didn’t” – My father. He said this in acknowledgement of our communication improving.

There is a big moment in our conversations that stands out for me, it is when you said that I do not have to swing so hard in reaction to triggers in my life. I understood what you said on an intellectual level but I didn’t understand what that meant in my reality. Well, I do now. I get to create how I want to react in any given situation. I believe this came about because I started to understand what was going on inside of me, I began to feel what was going on inside of me and that created space from feeling the effects of a trigger to reacting to it. There was a separation between associating the trigger with something personal within myself and from what was actually happening.

The other powerful aspect of the sessions allowed my many selves to come out. The space that you create, and hold, allowed for my little girl to come out, my dark energy, all these energies within me began to surface and we explored them together. I felt heard, and loved for showing you and myself all these selves. In showing all that I began to accept myself more and more. The greatest thing is that by experiencing those selves with you freely I could now experience them by myself. It is as if acknowledging myself fully within the safe space of the Hakomi practice allowed for me to see myself, understand it and then be okay with it on my own.
I wrote at the beginning that I have gained more self confidence through the work. This has manifested itself in my finances, an area I have always avoided. I am now budgeting monthly, I have paid off my student loan in full and I am going to work in Tokyo Japan, which is a dream I have had for around seven years.

I do believe that the Hakomi sessions have been extremely influential in these changes in my life for Hakomi helped me to understand myself better and out of that comes much power to create a life I love.

A Rumi quote that came into my life a couple of weeks ago and I paraphrase for it goes something to the effect of, I was smart so I went about to change the world, I became wise so I went about to change myself.
What I take from that is that contributing to the world means taking responsibility for our own lives and working on ourselves to be the best person we can possibly be. Hakomi is a powerful avenue for this kind of growth.